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How to manage eczema in the heat

Warmer weather can help improve some peoples' eczema symptoms, while others' symptoms worsen in the heat. Here are some tips to help you manage your eczema during the summer.


Keeping cool

• Cream emollients can be kept in the fridge so they are cold to apply – some people prefer applying creams cold, especially when the weather’s hot

• It’s important to apply emollients regularly, regardless of the weather. Apply emollient around half an hour before applying sunscreen, so the sunscreen doesn’t become diluted and lose its protective properties. Be aware that greasy ointment emollient can have a ‘frying effect’ in the sun, so don't apply too much in hot weather

• Wear loose clothing made from 100% cotton 

• Keep your bedroom cool – no more than 18 degrees. Keeping windows open during the day and curtains drawn may help. Hanging a wet sheet in front of an open window will cool down a room. Portable fans can be useful too

• Have a cool bath or shower before going to bed, using emollient to wash with instead of soap, and re-apply emollient after patting yourself dry with a soft towel

• Keep well-hydrated - drink plenty of water


Which sunscreens are best for people with eczema? Generally speaking, ones that are:


☀️Mineral-based (these usually contain titanium dioxide)

☀️Broad spectrum (protect against UVA and UVB rays)

...Test a new sunscreen on a small area of skin (e.g. an area of the inner forearm) for five consecutive days before applying it more liberally, to see whether you react. For more information, see our Eczema and the Sun factsheet.

How to manage eczema in the heat...