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Patient booklets - introductory

Our introductory booklets covering eczema management and treatment in children, teens and adults. All booklets contain practical tips as well as evidence-based advice. Click on each heading to download a PDF.

Healthcare professionals can order free hard copies of these booklets in bulk. Please see our Healthcare Professionals' order form for further details. 

Childhood Atopic Eczema - Your Questions Answered...

When a child is first diagnosed with atopic eczema, parents and carers often have a range of questions they would like answered. This booklet covers treatments, diet, breastfeeding and weaning, and practical advice for managing eczema at home, school and play.

Information for Teenagers with Eczema - Live your Life

This booklet offers advice to teenagers with eczema on living with the condition. It contains practical tips on moisturising, shaving and bathing, and discusses issues such as self-esteem, socialising, school and work.

Living with Eczema - Information for Adults with Eczema

This booklet provides adults with eczema essential information on how best to manage the condition. It covers different types of eczema, the different treatments available, avoiding triggers and how to enjoy life with eczema.

Patient booklets - introductory...