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Privacy Policy

The National Eczema Society promises to keep safe any personal data you share with it and ensure that other organisations we work with use the data only to fulfil your request.


Developing a better understand of our supporters through their personal data allows us to make better decisions, fundraise more efficiently and ultimately help us with our two principal aims: first, to provide people with independent and practical advice about treating and managing eczema; secondly, to raise awareness of the needs of those with eczema with healthcare professionals, teachers and the government. We aim to be fully GDPR compliant by April 2018.

We are gradually moving to an “opt-in” only communication policy. This means that we will only send marketing communications to those that have explicitly expressed that they are happy for us to do so via their preferred method(s) i.e. post, email, telephone, etc.

Our marketing campaigns contain information about new and updated information resources, our Helpline services, eczema related events, the latest news in eczema research and information about how to support us through fundraising. If you would like to receive such communications but have not opted in please subscribe via or Consent Portal or email info@eczema.org